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Breaking Dawn...My Extremely Positive Review

Here are  my thoughts on Breaking Dawn.

First off, I have to say this. I never, ever, ever, even for the tiniest fraction of a millisecond thought that Alice and Jasper abandoned the Cullens. It goes against everything Smeyer showed us about this family. I don’t remember where, but in BD, some character mentioned that this was not a ‘coven’ but a family, and even though Alice and Jasper joined later, and weren’t connected to the rest physically, they were part of that family.  

The only thing I saw that Alice would be selfish enough to protect Jasper was taking him with her to find the half vamp/half human. I mean, she didn’t need him to be there, of course he’d be handy with his super power, but come on. Could you resist Alice?

But even knowing that, I knew without a doubt in my mind that they’d be back.

‘Nough said.

Moving on…

I must say that Smeyer handled the love scenes with taste and profound emotion. They were hot without diminishing the fact that this was a Young Adult’s novel. The honeymoon may be my favorite Bella/Edward scenes. Edward’s concern for Bella after that first time, Bella’s demand for not ruining the moment and concern that he didn’t enjoy himself as much as she did. Edward trying to tire her out to keep her from jumping him, then Bella breaking through his resolve. Loved it.

I was completely spoiler-free during the wait for this book to release, Smeyer gave me some pretty delightful surprises! First of, the baby. I had an inkling during the first part of the book but didn’t know for sure if Smeyer would go there because it was all about Bella choosing Edward because she loved him. I’m really glad she gave Edward and Bella that gift, after Bella chose Edward. It just added more evidence (as if Team Edward needed any) that Bella loved him and not the life he could give her. It was Edward no matter what.

Some may be mad at Edward for wanting to destroy the baby, but I wasn’t mad nor surprise. From the guy who was going to make the Volturi kill him because he believed Bella was dead? From the guy who would do anything for her? Please!

I also wasn’t surprise that it didn’t last, either…

JACOB GOT HIS HAPPY ENDING! I may be Team Edward, but I adored Jacob. I’m glad Smeyer wrote his POV. Again, it was a pleasant surprise that he imprinted on Renesmee. I loved that little twist! It made me laugh out loud! I thought, ‘Ugh what’s Bella going to think!’ Well, we found out, didn’t we?

Vamp Bella was great. Loved, but wasn’t surprised, that she was still essentially Bella.

And the supervamp resistance was also a nice twist. I think Smeyer was throwing the fans against Vamp Bella a bone. She was still Bella. Some may still be unhappy about it, but I sure was. The part about Bella fearing she’d be the first clumsy vampire was priceless. Emmett’s teasing reminded me of my brothers. Love Emmett.

Jasper’s my brand of heroine. ‘Nough said.

I loved Jacob even more for blowing the secret, somewhat. Now Bella doesn’t have to break Charlie’s heart. She gets to keep Charlie! Yay! And Charlie got his happy ending, too! I was hoping that would happen.

I loved Renesmee and her gift. I love her relationship with Jacob, too. Pure win. When she was showing off, catching the snowflakes and trying to beat Jacob; catching the biggest hunt. She called him ‘my Jacob’! Straight from Bella’s mouth. Now we know their pull towards each other, and shows Bella isn’t trying to have the best of both worlds. Although, I knew that all along, lol (Team Edward) Jacob thought it was Bella he couldn’t stay away from, because he couldn’t see Renesemee as a baby yet. It was just something that threatened Bella’s life.

I didn’t like Rosalie’s apparent disregard towards Bella’s life but she made up for it somewhat when her easy manner towards Bella continued after Renesmee was born. Renesmee was the key to bringing them closer and I’m glad.

Baby crisis diverted and still almost half the book left. Of course, Volturi have to butt in. I felt bad for Irina, I really did. She saw what, essentially, killed her mother and jumped into action. She paid for it, too.

The pro-Cullen vamps were awesome. Garret and Kate were full of win. “I’ll follow you anywhere, woman.” “Now he tells me.” Expect Gate fanfiction soon. Garret’s speech during the showdown was great. There’s too many things I’d love to say so stay tuned for my “Supporting Vamps” post.

BELLA FOR THE WIN! Super Bella saved them all! Okay, so I’m over exaggerating a little but Edward himself said Bella’s power to shield everyone from Alec and Jane was the deciding factor to their victory. She was able to hold them off long enough for Alice and Jasper to arrived and added their witnesses. I loved Edward jumping to help Carlisle but nothing happened.


The end. Oh the end! I loved the end. By far one of the favorite parts in the entire series, when Bella was able to give Edward the gift of her thoughts. That was definitely, positively, made of the most win of all.

"Now you know," I said lightly, and shrugged. "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you."

I may add more and keep a look out for my Supporting Vamp impressions but for now this very, very happy Twilight fan, and forever a Smeyer supporter, is signing off and rereading the whole damn book.

Oh, did I mention it only took me a day and a half to read BD? … 


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